This Wednesday, January 23rd, a new phase of struggle against the planting of GMO maize started in Mexico, consisting of a collective hunger strike, to express indignation for the terrible blow that would come with the imminent approval of large-scale commercial planting of GMO maize in Mexico. The National Union of Autonomous Regional Peasant Organization (UNORCA)  demands that the Mexican government place the interests of peasants and the majority of Mexican farmers above the interests of a few transnational corporations.

After his official visit to Mexico in 2011, the Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food of the United Nations, Olivier de Schutter, recommended that the government of then-president Calderón immediately suspend experimental planting of GMO maize, because of its impact on the rights of peasants, on biodiversity, and because of the importance of maize in the diet and culture of Mexicans. The government ignored that recommendation.

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