Helping to Sow the Seeds of Freedom

Helping to Sow the Seeds of FreedomThank you for your interest in hosting a screening of one or more film in the Seeds of Freedom trilogy.

Film is a powerful medium through which knowledge can be broadened and debate can spread. We believe that knowledge puts the power back into the hands of the public, and that it’s the public who really have the power to demand change within our food system. Through showing and sharing Seeds of Freedom Sovereignty or Justice, you can help us to raise public awareness around the impact of GM and industrial agriculture. Our food systems should be democratic and decentralised; they should provide healthy food through ecological and ethical means. They should promote the path towards food sovereignty. We’re relying on you to spread this important message by sharing and screening the film.

Whether you’re looking to organise a public or private screening, a screening within university, school or the local community, we hope that you find this toolkit useful and we look forward to hearing from you!

How to access the films

We want the Seeds of Freedom trilogy to be seen far and wide, without barriers limiting audiences and reach. With this in mind, we’ve tried our best to ensure that accessing all of the films is as straightforward as possible. You don’t need to purchase a license to screen it, it’s simply available online for everybody to be able to watch and download for free. This is part of our commitment to seed and food sovereignty.

To access the film for your screening you can simply download Seeds of Freedom, Seeds of Sovereignty or Seeds of Justice (once it’s released) directly from Vimeo as an Mp4. You can then burn them onto a DVD, or play them directly from your computer. For help please see the Guide to downloading from Vimeo.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling (0044) 207 428 0055 to arrange for a DVD to be sent to you. DVDs, containing all the films in the trilogy cost £5.00, plus postage and packaging (this will vary depending on your location). If you’d like to raise money by selling DVDs at your screening we can also arrange to send you a larger quantity depending on where you are in the world.

The organisations who have collaborated on the trilogy can all provide support and advice to help you hold a screening. The Gaia Foundation team is here to make sure that your screening goes smoothly. We are very happy to guide you through the process and help you promote your event, and we’d love to know when and where the screening is taking place.

Supporting Seed Sovereignty

Supporting Seed Sovereignty Although we are not charging a license fee to screen the Seed of Freedom trilogy, you may like to consider offering a donation to support the work that the African Biodiversity Network and The Gaia Foundation are doing with partners and communities across Africa, to revive and enhance seed sovereignty. The Climate, Seed & Knowledge (CSK) programme which first inspired this film is an extremely successful means of supporting farmers and communities to protect and regenerate their indigenous seeds and the traditional knowledge associated with them. Through this process both confidence and resilience is restored. You can find out more about CSK and the work being done to revive and enhance seed sovereignty by visiting the Climate, Seed and Knowledge page. To hear more from some of the pioneering farmers who feature in the film, see our Seed Savers Stories.

You may like to consider charging entry to the screening event, selling DVDs or asking for donations to support the film and the Climate, Seed & Knowledge programme to revive traditional seed and support small-scale farming.

Whether public or private, do let us know!

If you’re organising a public screening then do let us know the date, time, venue and any other details, so that we can announce it on our website and via social media. If you’re organising a private screening we’d still love to know that it’s taking place and it would be great to hear how it goes.

We want the films to reach as many people as possible, and would like to keep track of how many people we are able to reach through privately organised screenings. If possible, please do make a note of the number of people who attend your event and email us with details to [email protected]. We’d also love to see any pictures and hear any responses from the screening!

Supporting Materials

Whether you’re looking for support with the promotion of your screening, or would like to provide your audience with further information on the films and issues they raise, we have a host of resources available for you on the website. You’ll find the films’ synopses, soundbites from the films, film stills, poster template, fact sheets, press pack and information about the Climate, Seed & Knowledge programme. If you require anything else, you can contact us directly and we’ll try our best to help!

Lastly, for a wonderful, succinct and accessible overview of why industrial agriculture is failing and agro-ecological small-scale farming CAN feed the world, we urge you to visit the Food Myth Busters website. There’s a seven-minute film which truly busts the “industrial agriculture is the only way to feed the world” myth, and there’s also some great supporting documents. These could be really useful for a Q&A at your screening. Thanks to the Food Myth Busters for creating such useful stuff!