Spread & Sow Seeds of Freedom

Spread & Sow Seeds of FreedomWe invite you to support the growing Food Sovereignity Movement by sharing all the films in the Seeds of Freedom trilogy amongst your colleagues, family and friends. In doing so, you can help us to increase understanding around these issues and to encourage the public to be part of a movement to take back control of the food system. We have a window of opportunity now to turn the tide of the global agro-chemical industry’s takeover of our food and farming systems. Every time we buy food, let us ensure we are proactively supporting farmers who are reviving diversity-rich seasonal foods. Let us remember that our choices today are defining the future of our children.

Whatever you do, please share it, talk about and support it!

Tweet about the films, share them on Facebook, email them and screen them! If tweeting, you can use the hashtag #seedsoffreedom to join the global conversation around the films.

If you’re feeling particularly eager to ensure that more people see the films, you can host your own screening or encourage a local group to hold a screening. Find out more here.

Buy organic local foods

Buy organic local foodsHelping to feed into, and stimulate, the global debate around GMOs and their detrimental ecological, ethical and economic impacts can bring more power to the hands of consumers. Only by decentralising our food system will we be able to bring about food democracy and justice.

As consumers, you have the power to shape the future of the world’s food by the choices you make! Buy organic from your local farmer’s markets, or from your local organic shop. The food you’ll find there is healthier, tastes better and has higher nutritional value. Through making this consumer choice, you are making a political statement, and supporting agro-ecological farming.

Demand change from your local and national authorities

You can be involved in policy making by contacting your elected officials and sending them the films. You could find out what campaigns are being developed locally or nationally in your part of the world, and write to your elected officials showing your support of these campaigns. These policies shape global agriculture and thus, the future of food, and ultimately, your future. Become part of the discussion!

Support the campaign for Food Sovereignty

Support the campaign for Food SovereigntyFood sovereignty means creating democratic control over our food system. It requires ethical, connected-up thinking and practice at every stage of the food system. Food Sovereignty is ‘the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods’. In other words, food that takes into account the needs and health of ecosystems, soils, seeds and farmers, as well as the consumers.

The idea of Food Sovereignty developed as a response to the crises facing the world’s farmers and food systems. It evolved through the experience and analysis of the people on which the world’s food supply still depends: small-scale food producers themselves. Food Sovereignty is rooted in the complex realities of producing, buying, selling and eating food. It is not a new idea, but rather it recognises all the dimensions of a healthy, ethical and just food system.

Food Sovereignty recognises that control over the food system needs to remain in the hands of farmers, for whom farming is both a way of life and a means of producing food. It also recognises the contribution of indigenous peoples, pastoralists, forest dwellers, workers and fishers to the food system. It affirms that food should be produced in a culturally acceptable manner which is in harmony with the ecosystem in which it has evolved. This is how traditional food production systems have regenerated their soils, water, biodiversity and climactic conditions, for generations.

Seed sovereignty is at the heart of the campaign for food sovereignty. Farmers have evolved a huge range of crops which are finely adapted to the ecological and climatic conditions in which they live, to maximise their capacity to produce food in varying circumstances. This is ever more essential as climatic instability increases. Farmers must be supported to continue to evolve and control their own seed diversity – so that we give our children the best possible chance of dealing with climate change and having healthy foods.

Consumers need to proactively commit to supporting the revival of food and seed diversity by finding ways to buy from these farmers.  Remember that in today’s corporate dominated world, each time we buy, we vote – for or against corporate control – depending on our choices. Healthy food comes from a healthy farming system which takes care of all its diverse components – the soils, water, pollinators, biodiversity where new crops will emerge, forests which bring rain – so that each generation enriches rather than depletes conditions for the next generation.

Get Involved

There are many groups and organisations around the world who are working to make sure the issues raised in the trilogy are acted upon. It’s important to tell governments and big businesses that we know the dangers of industrial scale farming and we want to work towards a better food future. We have gathered together some of the campaign groups and news sites from around the world that are keeping the movement informed and active. Visit the page to see what’s happening near you, stay informed and take action.


DonateIf you’ve been inspired by any film in the Seeds of Freedom trilogy, and would like to help to plant seeds of change, you can support the work of the African Biodiversity Network and The Gaia Foundation by making a donation.

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