Biovision Foundation and Millennium Institute

Dr Hans R Herren, President Biovision Foundation and Millennium Institute“Yet another important piece of the puzzle that we needed to get the full picture of what a sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security reality looks like. It is time for our decision makers to protect the branch we are sitting on, them included, and so they need to return the rights to the seeds to their legal owners, the farmers”

Founding Director, Navdanya, India

“Seeds of Freedom is a powerful film with an important message. There is a new wave of cultural imperialism taking place right now in the field of biodiversity and seed. We are losing our critical seed diversity to just a handful of corporations in the western world. The genetic erosion taking place here is tantamount to ecocide. The rate of farmer suicides because of crop failure and debt is nothing short of genocide. We must decentralise our food system.”

Co-ordinator, GRAIN

Henk Hobbelink, Co-ordinator, GRAIN“It is time for people to realise that diversity means survival. Diversity is what gives us resilience, and resilience is exactly what we are going to need as the climate changes alongside social, political and economic landscapes. It’s very important for people to realise that we simply won’t be able to produce the food that we need if we allow our natural biodiversity to be further eroded. Watch Seeds of Freedom and then do something about it. It’s time for us all to stop partaking in this aggressive food system and to demand something different.”

“There’s a popular myth that Africa needs and wants GM, which needs to be dispelled. Quite categorically, they don’t – farmers from the continent have been successfully saving and selecting seeds for thousands of years. Films like Seeds of Freedom are vital in highlighting the voices of these people, a people who recognise the importance of maintaining seed ownership and diversity for reasons of culture, climate resilience and food sovereignty.”